Pharmalosophy; Vaporize the

Posted in DefaultTag by macoy on October 27th, 2011

The origin of the 'Victim Mentality' topic discussed in this podcast is triggered by the amount and extent of change that takes place within most organizations...and R&D organizations are no exception. Constant change is ever present. Whether it involves either subtle changes in strategy or the extensive change of a mergers or acquisition which happen in the middle of a project, often the project "remit" definition changes sustantially prompting both the project leader (and the team) to feel like they've been derailed or knocked off track (through no fault of their own)...often triggering a "victim mentality" that prompts subsequent efforts to suffer.

Learning the subtle differences between responsibility and accountability is the keystone for any learning oganization to be successful. Listen to this podcast. We will discuss key traits to identify victim menatily, how to spend less time in victim mode, learn a process that focuses on improved accountability...and help you enhance and accelerate the results you seek.